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Cheats are activated by typing the relevant command into the console, then pressing Enter.

The console is opened by pressing § + Shift. Alt + 2 1 or ~ may also work ( ~ seems to be the majority console button, located beneath esc ). The cheat console is a transparent overlay above the character's tab.

Will NOT work in IronMan Mode.

Common cheats

This is a collection of all common non-event cheats. Every cheat with Character ID or Province ID defaults to your character or capital province.

Character cheat

--Character Info--

charinfo = Show detailed Character inf

age <Character ID> (-)(#) = Add or subtract character age.

infamy (-)(#) = Add or subtract players infamy

add_diplomacy <Character ID> (-)(#) = Add or subtract character diplomacy.
add_martial <Character ID> (-)(#) = Add or subtract character martial.
add_intrigue <Character ID> (-)(#) = Add or subtract character intrigue.
add_stewardship <Character ID> (-)(#) = Add or subtract character stewardship.
add_learning <Character ID> (-)(#) = Add or subtract character learning.
add_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Gives character any trait.

remove_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> = Remove any trait from the character.

cash (-)(#) = Add/subtract player gold, gives 5000 default.
piety (-)(#) = Add/subtract player piety, gives 5000 default.
prestige (-)(#) = Add/subtract player prestige, gives 5000 default.

population (-)(#) = Adds population (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

Manpower (-)(#) = Adds manpower (Requires Horse Lords DLC)

culture <Character ID> <Culture> = Change character culture (for example, "culture italian").
religion <Character ID> <Religion> = Change character religion (for example, "religion catholic").
nickname <Nickname> <Character ID> = Change character nickname (nicknames on bottom of page).

add_friend <Character ID> = Befriends the player and specific character (Two character ID's can be input to befriend two specific characters).

add_lover <Character ID> = the player and specific character become lovers (Two character ID's can be input to befriend two specific characters).

add_artifact <artifact ID><character ID> = Give artifact to a character

--Hurting people--
banish <Character ID> = Banish character.
imprison <Character ID> = Imprison character.
kill <Character ID> = Kill character.
murder <Character ID>(Murderer) <Character ID>(Victim)
= Forces attempt at murder, doesn't promise success.

--Pregnancy by Accident--
cuckoo <Character ID>(Mother) <Character ID>(Father) = Impregnates female by male (Husband thinks it's his).
pollinate <Character ID>(Mother) <Character ID>(Father) = Impregnates female by male.

Title IDs are predictable, in the format of e_empire k_kingdom, d_duchy, c_county, b_barony. Titles with spaces are c_name, for example c_middlesex. For a list of provice ID's go to the provinces page on the wiki. Titles stay the same, so beware for renamed provinces either in Old Gods or by players.

claim <Title ID> <Character ID> = Gives a claim to a character.
give_title <Title ID> <Character ID> = Gives title to character including vassals and everything beneath.
titleowner <Title ID> <Character ID> = Gives title to character.

Debug cheats

clear = Clears console
charinfo all= Shows debug information about characters including Character ID
hello <Character ID> = Shows character's page
nextsong = Changes music
observe = Allows you to *observe* the game without playing. Use the play character cheat to get back into gameplay. (May crash your game.)
play <Character ID> = Makes player change character.

Other cheats

allow_laws = Toggle changing laws freely. Only works on crown laws

move (Character ID) = Forces character into court.
discover_plots = Toggle plot omniscience.
fow = Toggles fog of war.
marry_anyone = Toggle ability to marry anyone. basically divine blood without the inbred and lunatic thing
neg_diplo = Toggles sending of diplomatic proposals that will be refused.
plots_known = Toggle plot visibility
revolt <Province ID> = Causes revolt in province.

help = list of most of the commands.                                                                                                                     

help <Command Name> = Explains what a certain command does. For example: help succ, help techpoints. This does not work for events.
succ <Succession Type> = Changes succession laws. WARNING: Entering non-existing law will set it to none.
= Adds 1000 tech points of each kind to player.

quickbuild = Player's construction are finished immediately (One day).

Event cheats


event 1000 = lustful/chaste
event 1001 = gluttonous/temperate
event 1003 = charitable/greedy
event 1004 = slothful/diligent
event 1005 = kind/envious (female)
event 1006 = kind/envious (male)
event 1007 = wroth/patient
event 1008 = proud/humble
event 1009 = deceitful/honest
event 1010 = craven/brave
event 1011 = shy/gregarious
event 1012 = ambitious/content
event 1013 = arbitrary/just
event 1014 = cynical/zealous
event 1015 = lustful/chaste (female)
event 1016 = paranoid/trusting
event 1017 = cruel/kind
event 1018 = lustful/chaste (homosexual female)
event 1019 = lustful/chaste (homosexual male)

event TOG.3000 = berserker
event TOG.3105 = varangian
event TOG.3320 = viking

event WoL.11206 = lose weak or gain strong

event 1027 = lose lustful
event 1029 = lose chaste
event 1030 = lose temperate (also event 1511)
event 1031 = lose gluttonous
event 1032 = lose charitable (also event 1531)
event 1033 = lose greedy (also event 6208)
event 1034 = lose diligent (also event 1551)
event 1035 = lose slothful (also event 1541)
event 1036 = lose kind (also event 1571)
event 1037 = lose envious (also event 1561)
event 1038 = lose patient (also event 1590)
event 1039 = lose wroth (also event 1581)
event 1040 = lose humble (also event 1611)
event 1041 = lose proud (also event 1601)
event 1042 = lose lustful (also event 6204)
event 1043 = lose honest (also event 1641)
event 1044 = lose deceitful (also event 1620)
event 1045 = lose brave (also event 1661)
event 1046 = lose craven (also event 1651)
event 1047 = lose gregarious (also event 1681)
event 1048 = lose shy (also event 1671)
event 1049 = lose content (also event 1701)
event 1050 = lose ambitious (also event 1691)
event 1051 = lose just (also event 1721)
event 1052 = lose arbitrary (also event 1711)
event 1053 = lose zealous (also event 1631)
event 1054 = lose cynical (also event 1731)
event 1057 = lose paranoid
event 1058 = lose trusting
event 1501 = lose gluttonous (also event 6206)
event 1641 = lose honest

event 1980 = gain homosexual (male)
event 1990 = gain homosexual (female)

event 1985 = lose homosexual (male)
event 1995 = lose homosexual (female)

event 5000 = scholar/mystic paths
event 5002 = scholar
event 5003 = mystic
event 5020 = gardener/impaler paths
event 5024 - impaler
event 5025 - gardener
event 5030 = duelist/poet paths
event 5032 = aspiring poet
event 5033 = aspiring duelist
event 5036 = duelist
event 5037 = poet
event 5040 = hunter/falconer paths
event 5041 = aspiring falconer
event 5042 = aspiring hunter
event 5045 = hunter (works on mods)
event 5046 = falconer (works on mods)
event 5050 = poet/falconer paths (female)
event 5066 = hedonist

event 8300 = gain crusader

event 24501= lustful/celibate+stressed

Child Gain Traits

event 1500 = gain gluttonous
event 1510 = gain temperate (also event 6207)
event 1520 = gain greedy
event 1530 = gain charitable (also event 6209)
event 1540 = gain slothful
event 1550 = gain diligent
event 1560 = gain envious
event 1570 = gain kind
event 1580 = gain wroth (also event 272)
event 1590 = gain patient (also event 273)
event 1600 = gain proud
event 1610 = gain humble
event 1620 = gain deceitful
event 1630 = gain zealous
event 1640 = gain honest
event 1650 = gain craven (also event 271)
event 1660 = gain brave (also event 270)
event 1670 = gain shy
event 1680 = gain gregarious
event 1690 = gain ambitious
event 1700 = gain content
event 1710 = gain arbitrary
event 1720 = gain just (also event 4000)
event 1730 = gain cynical
event 6205 = gain chaste

☀add_trait immortal= adds immortality trait

Child Lose Traits                                                                                                       

event 1501 = lose gluttonous
event 1511 = lose temperate
event 1521 = lost greedy
event 1531 = lose charitable
event 1541 = lose slothful
event 1551 = lose diligent
event 1561 = lose envious
event 1571 = lose kind (also lose cruel)
event 1581 = lose wroth
event 1591 = lose patient
event 1601 = lose proud
event 1611 = lose humble
event 1621 = lose deceitful
event 1631 = lose zealous
event 1641 = lose honest
event 1651 = lose craven
event 1661 = lose brave
event 1671 = lose shy
event 1681 = lose gregarious
event 1691 = lose ambitious
event 1701 = lose content
event 1711 = lose arbitrary
event 1721 = lose just
event 1731 = lose cynical
event 6227 = lose chaste


event 6000 = gain syphilis trait
event 6001 = lose syphilis trait
event 6010 = gain leper trait
event 6011 = lose leper trait for 25 gold.
event 6020 = gain lunatic event, but lose stressed and depressed traits
event 6021 = lose lunatic trait
event 6030 = gain possessed trait (non-Muslim)
event 6031 = lose possessed trait (non-Muslim)
event 6032 = gain possessed trait (Muslim)
event 6033 = lose possessed trait (Muslim)
event 6040 = gain stressed trait
event 6041 = lose stressed trait
event 6050 = gain depressed trait
event 6051 = lose depressed trait
event 6060 = gain ill trait
event 6061 = lose ill trait
event 6062 = lose sickly trait
event 6070 = gain pneumonic trait
event 6071 = lose pneumonic trait
event 6080 = gain wounded trait (also event 243) - useful for removing maimed trait
event 6081 = lose wounded trait, gain scarred trait
event 6100 = gain infirm trait
event 6110 = lose infirm, gain incapable
event 6111 = lose consumption trait
event 6112 = lose slow fever trait
event 6113 = lose camp fever trait
event 6114 = lose plague trait
event 6115 = lose measles trait
event 6116 = lose smallpox trait

event 244 = gain maimed trait
event 245 = gain incapable trait

event 61160 = lose incapable trait

event 65046 = lose drunkard


event 913 = Fabricate claim (Chancellor).
event 923 = Master builder event (Steward).
event 926 = Great philosopher event (Court Chaplain).
event 927 = Makes you heretic.

event 6502 = Cat chain begins.

event 20320 = Successful steal technology mission in the province where your leader is stationed.
event 20392 = Random military tech improves 10%.
event 20260 = Increase culture advances.

event 55000 <Province ID> = Turns province into province holders culture. (Without <Province ID> only capital province changes into province holders culture)

event 55001 = Bring in some settlers

event 55010 = A ruler is assimilated by the local culture

event 61161 = Under House Arrest removed = Imprisioned

event 70002 = Ends Grand Tournament (solves endless tournament glitch)

event 75085 = Steward improves economy.

event 20000 = converts region's religion to rulers religion

event 20048 = Choice between gold & piety
event 20200 = Collects special tithe
event 20410 = Gives levy reinforcement
event 20230 = Master builder (5%)

event 39211 = removes kinslayer

Love and Homosexual
event 400 = Gives you the Pregnant trait, your husband is the "father"; however, it doesn't make you pregnant.
event 401 = Gives you the Pregnant trait, your husband is not the "father"; it doesn't make you pregnant.
event 402 = Normally fires when you are unmarried and pregnant; it gives you the Pregnancy trait and you lose 50 piety, although it doesn't actually make you pregnant.
event 403 = Gives your wife Pregnant trait, you are the "father"; however, it doesn't make her pregnant.
event 404 = Gives your wife the Pregnant trait, you are not the "father"; however, it doesn't make her pregnant.

event 450 <Character ID> = You begin affair with selected character, only works on your subjects.

Event 451 <char-ID> = Go to a courtiers chamber  however firing it without a character ID will initiate it for Bitanem (you go to bed with yourself). So for it to work correctly, you have to put a character ID in. Ex: event 451 58108

event 24504 = Gives wife the Pregnant trait and the Stressed trait, makes her pregnant after a few months
event 24505 = Imprison random courtier (useful for getting +10 relationship bonus for releasing a prisoner)

event 24506 = Imprisons random court/vassal individual
event 64025 = Fall in love with your spouse.
event 64055 <Character ID>(Child) <Character ID>(Courtier) = Child has teenage infatuation wth courtier.

event WoL.530 Maidservant Lover event. High chance of "Lover's Pox." Recommend saving game first.

event WoL.560 Nymph Lover event.High chance of ''Scarred''.Recommend saving game first.

event WoL.562=Nymph Lover gets pregnant and leaves baby in the bush.

event TOG.3109 <your son's ID> = your son want to join the varangian

event 36005 = Suicide, (also event 26004, event 242)

event 200 = your character calls a crusade

event 300 = "I am a bastard" event, triggers other events. event 301 = choice between legitimizing yourself, declaring yourself a bastard,event

event 500 = "royal dues" event, choice between money and prestige event
event 4000 = "Stolen Pigs" event, gives choice between permanent and temporary "just" trait.
event 4005 = "thief" event
event 4010= "Band of Robbers" event, gives choice between -5 prestige and +20 opinion bonus to two councilors.
event 4015= "unfaithful wife" event, gives choice between ignoring it, and having liege deal with problem.
event 4020= "poachers" event, gives chioce between temporary trait giving prestige and random other event to punish the poachers.
event 4035 = "cattle rustlers" event, gives choice between piety, prestige, intrigue temporary traits, or lump piety bonus.
event 4040 = "blasphemy" event, gives small piety temporary trait
event 4045 = "kidnap" event, gives choice between permanent just, cruel or content traits.
event 4050 = "spy" event, gives lump piety, or prestige or martial temporary traits.
event 4055 = "dragon" event, choice between permanent martial bonus, +15 relationship bonus from vassals, temp prestige bonus,and a bad option.
event 4060 = "falconry" event, choice between a relationship bonuses, and a bad choice, and small prestige lump sum.
event 4085= "wolves" event, gives choice between various relationship modifiers, and a temporary "bloodlust" trait.
event 6200 = "voice of jesus" event, lose 30 church opinion, gain temporary monthly prestige bonus.

event 6223 = "voice of satan" event lose 30 church opinion, lose monthly piety

event 6300 = give realm a new law, sets off chain of events

event 6201 = convert 50 gold into 100 piety.

event 6202 = convert 50 prestige into 100 piety.

event 6203 = "holy comet" event.

event 246 = improves characters martial skill: misguided warrior > tough soldier > skilled tactician > brilliant strategist

event 247 = gain 1 martial skill​

event 248 = gain 5% bonus military technology growth rate for 1 year

event 250 = capture yourself, do not do with out saving beforehand, as it's impossible to release yourself from prison.(Alternatively you can use the "play" command and imprison your character from earlier and release yourself then)

event 255 = "unnecessary violence" event, lose prestige and valor.

event 260 = gain 5 prestige

event 261 = soldier courtier appears in your court

event 73009 = A destitute noble FROM a former enemy court ask for permanent hospitality

event 600 = causes rebels to appear in your capital

event 620 = crusade wins

event 621 = crusade loses

event 900 = converts any province where your leader is stationed to your religion , note that you can convert any province by appointing your character commander of an army and then moving that army to the province you want to convert

event 901 = courtier in your court converts to your religion

event SoA.5350 = The Maid event chain

event 10000 = "Merry men" event

event 10101 =  "Gate to Hell" event

event 8342 = Find Holy Grail event, get 200 prestige

event 8340 = find Holy Spear event, get 100 prestige

event 8500 = starts crusader order, establishes castile barony under your control.

event 20131 = gives you a strong claim on a county when you have your character leading an army there.

event 20133 gives you a strong claim on the duchy instead. (When leading an army there)

event 100115 = friendship with self or +10% fertility

event 86600 = +1 health

event 9004 = faction ending

event 65021 = torture random prisoner you may have

event SSI.1 = initiate sunset invasion event chain (requires Sunset Invasion DLC)

event SoA.3000 = initiate spawn of Satan event chain (requires Sons of Abraham DLC)

event MNM.7119 = dark healing event, if successful removes most diseases and has a chance to restore missing body parts (requires Monks and Mystics DLC)

event MNM.1460 = Gathering of the Great Minds (Hermetic Society event)

event MNM.1620 = Divine Summoning (Hermetic Society event)

event MNM.1630 = Write a Theoreme Paper (Hermetic Society event)

event MNM.1800 = Gather ingredients (Hermetic Society event)

event MNM.1610 = Write a Magnum Opus - Start Writing (Hermetic Society event)

event MNM.9115 = Calls for a weaponsmith who will craft a weapon in exchange of money.

event RIP.30300 = Calls the Immortal Rival

event RIP.11705 = Adds 1 extra building slot in your capital.

-To increase your demesne size you can open the file located in common folder named "defines.lua" and edit in notepad the line "DEMESNE_BASE_MAX_SIZE = 1.0" but this will also affect the AI. Best method however is to just add very large amounts of stewardship to your character with the add_stewardship command described above.

Nickname IDs


Other cheats

Besides console cheats there are others as well:

Free Troops (the old god) = event 62320

Free troops + Hero (the old god) = event 62321

decadence -25 = Make Your Decadence to 0%

Move (Character ID) = Force Character into Court.

event 8500 - create event chain which allow you to estabilish (or not) knights_hospitaler

event 8600 - same as previous , but for templars

event 8700 - same, but for tetuonics

event TOG.4001- create event chain which allow you to establish Jomsvikings (Norse holy-order)

event RIP.21000 - begins the "search for immortality" event chain. (Reaper's Due)

infamy -25 - Will boost your threat decay by 25%


Below is a list of commands and any parameter they accept (in order, if more than one) with a description of what the command will do.

Scope Command Parameter Parameter Description
Character add_artifact <artifact name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Adds an artifact to the given character
Character get_all_artifacts <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)   Give all artifacts to target character, or the player's character if no target is specified
Character destroy_artifact <artifact name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Removes an artifact from the given character, destroying it
Character add_diplomacy <Character ID> <Delta> Modifies the base of a character's diplomacy attribute
Character add_intrigue <Character ID> <Delta> Modifies the base of a character's intrigue attribute
Character add_learning <Character ID> <Delta> Modifies the base of a character's learning attribute
Character add_martial <Character ID> <Delta> Modifies the base of a character's martial attribute
Character add_stewardship <Character ID> <Delta> Modifies the base of a character's stewardship attribute
Character add_offmap_currency <Offmap Power> <Amount> Gives the player currency with the specified offmap power. For example, to add grace with China: add_offmap_currency offmap_china 5000
Character add_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> Adds a trait to the character. Opposites traits are checked. Trait names are all lower case. If no character ID is inputted, the trait will be given to the character you are currently playing instead. The same thing also proves true with the remove_trait command.
Character remove_trait <Trait Name> <Character ID> Removes a trait from the character
Character add_modifier <Modifier Name> <Character ID>, <Days> Adds a modifier to a character
Character remove_modifier <Modifier Name> <Character ID> Removes a modifier from a character
Character age <Character ID> <Delta> Modifies a character's age
Character banish <Character ID> (banished)   Banishes a character
Character capital <Province ID>   Moves player capital to province
Character clr_moved_capital <Actorname> (OPTIONAL)   Clears the moved capital-flag of a character. Argument does not work, confirmation needed.
Character cash (wealth) <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds gold (default 5000)
Character claim <Title Name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Gives a claim to yourself or another character
Character coalition <Character 01 ID> <Character 02 ID> <Character 01> starts/joins/leaves a coalition against <Character 02>
Character council_positions <Character ID or Title Name>   Shows the ai scores of each council position
Character clr_focus <Actorname> (OPTIONAL)   Clears the focus of a character
Character culture <Character ID> <Culture> Sets a character's culture
Character decadence <New Decadence>   Sets the Decadence of the player's Dynasty
Character decision <Decision ID> <Character ID> Executes a decision
Character die     Die a natural death
Character enforce_peace <Amount>   Triggers the enforce peace mechanic in the player's realm. Council must be empowered, other requirements are waived. <Amount> seems to be ignored, confirmation needed.
Character liege_enforce_peace <Amount>   Triggers the enforce peace mechanic in the player's liege's realm. Council must be empowered, other requirements are waived. <Amount> seems to be ignored, confirmation needed.
Character enable_ambition <Character ID>   Allows a character to pick a new ambition
Character event <Event ID> <Character ID> or <Province ID> Executes an event for yourself or for another character or province.
Debug testevent <Event ID> <Character ID> or <Province ID> Tests an event without triggering it
Character favor_get <Character ID>   Get a favor from character
Character favor_grant <Character ID>   Grant a favor to a character
Character gfx_culture <Character ID> <Culture> Sets a character's gfx culture based on default graphical_culture of a culture. Ex: gfx_culture 10 norse
Character give_birth <Character ID>   Forces a pregnant character to instantly give birth.
Character give_title <Title Name> <Character ID> Gives a title to a character
Character infamy <Amount>   Sets the infamy of the player
Character imprison <Character ID>(jailed) <Character ID>(jailor) Imprisons a character by another character
Character join_society <Society Key>   Join a society. Valid society names are: monastic_order_benedictine, monastic_order_dominican, monastic_order_orthodox, monastic_order_nestorian, monastic_order_monophysite, monastic_order_hindu, monastic_order_buddhist, monastic_order_jain, hermetics, the_assassins, the_satanists, the_trollcrafters, the_cult_of_kali, the_cold_ones, the_plaguebringers, and secret_religious_society_<religion>.
Character leave_society <Society Key> (OPTIONAL)   Leave a society
Character kill <Character ID>   Kills a character
Character kill_yourself <Character ID>   Kills your character. Does not work ("Not today QA!"). Use die instead.
Character move <Character ID>(Mover) <Character ID>(Move To) Moves a character to a character's court
Character neg_opinion <Character ID>(Hater) <Character ID>(Hated) Adds a negative opinion between two characters
Character nickname <Nickname> <Character ID> Gives a character or the player a nickname
Character piety <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds piety to the player (default 5000)
Character play <Character ID>   Switches to play a character (WARNING: This deletes and resets the chronicle of your current character each time you switch.)
Character prestige <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds prestige to the player (default 5000)
Character run <file name>   Executes script commands from a text file. The file must be in the Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/ folder (as appropriate for your OS). Commands will be executed in the scope of the player's character.
Character score <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds score to the player (default 5000)
Character techpoints     Adds 1000 technology points of each type to the player
Character max_tech <Province ID> (OPTIONAL)   Maxes out tech in all provinces, or in specified province
Character recalc_succ <Character ID>   Recalculate the succession for a character or the player
Character religion <Character ID> <Religion> Sets a character's religion or player if character not supplied
Character secret_religion <Character ID> <Religion> Sets a character's secret religion.
Character set_government <Government Tag> <Character ID> Changes government to specified type (accepted inputs are merchant_republic_government, nomadic_government, feudal_government, theocracy_government, tribal_government, republic_government, muslim_government, theocratic_feudal_government, chinese_imperial_government, confucian_bureaucracy)
Character titleowner <Title Name> <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Reports or sets the holder of a title. Does not include tribal capital holdings.
Character validate_government <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)   Validates government of a character
Character validate_laws <Character ID>   Validates the laws of a characters primary holding
Character validate_lieges <Title Name>   Validates the liege of a title
Character set_char_flag <Flag> <Character ID> Sets a flag for a character
Character clr_char_flag <Flag> <Character ID> Clears a flag from a character
Character set_society_grandmaster <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)   Sets the grandmaster of the society you're in to the given character
Character show_all_societies     Shows all societies in list of society view
Character society_rank_up <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Ranks player up in society (default 1)
Character society_rank_down <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Ranks player down in society (default 1)
Character society_currency <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds society currency to the player (default 5000)
Character quickbuild     Player's constructions are finished immediately
Character usurp <Title Name> <Character ID> Sets a title to be usurped by a character
Character vassalize     Sets a character as your vassal. (Obsolete)
Global activate_artifacts     All artifacts are always active regardless of activation triggers.
Global allow_laws     Toggles the ability to change laws freely
Global real_fathers     Shows the true fathers in the family tree
Global charinfo <Character ID>  
  • Adds debugging information to character, title and event tooltips
  • Reveals your spouse's other lovers
Global de_jure_counties     Shows de jure counties map mode
Global discover_plots     Toggles auto plot discovery
Global fow <Province ID> (OPTIONAL)   Turns off fog of war in a province or in general
Global game_speed <Speed>   Sets the game speed, from 0 to 4
Global game_paused <true/false> (OPTIONAL)   Toggles/sets the game paused state, argument must be lowercase
Global get_offmap_holder <Offmap Power>   Displays the name and character id of the current holder of an offmap power
Global set_offmap_status <Offmap Power> <Status> Sets the status of the specified offmap power (e.g. china_stable, china_unrest...)
Global set_offmap_policy <Offmap Power> <Policy> Sets the policy of the specified offmap power (e.g. china_open, china_isolationist, china_expansionist)
Global kill_offmap_ruler <Offmap Power>   Kills the ruler specified offmap power
Global kill_offmap_dynasty <Offmap Power>   Kills the ruler specified offmap power, and generates a new one of a different dynasty
Global manpower <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds nomadic manpower to a nomad player character (default 5000)
Global population <Amount> (OPTIONAL)   Adds nomadic population to a nomad player character (default 5000)
Global marry_anyone     Toggles the ability to marry anyone
Global morehumans humans   Adds more humans
Global neg_diplo     Toggles the ability to send diplomatic messages that will be refused
Global nextsong     Changes the currently playing soundtrack
Global outbreak <disease>   Starts specified disease outbreak in a random province. Black Death may only start in Kundina and Jiuquan
Global plots_known     Toggles all plots to always be known
Global recalc_council     Will recalc the council positions of each council member
Global set_flag <Flag>   Sets a global flag
Global clr_flag <Flag>   Clears a global flag
Global set_prov_flag <Flag> <Province> Sets a flag for a province
Global clr_prov_flag <Flag> <Province> Clears a flag from a province
Global validate_cultural_names     Validates cultural title names
Global spawn_disease <disease> <Province> Spawn specified disease in chosen province. Black Death will start in either Kundina or Jiuquan
None character_stats     Displays various game statistics, such as number of characters, plots, and fertility.
None dynasty_stats     Displays various dynasty statistics, including the number of unique dynasties and how many historical dynasties have died off.
None destroy_settlement <Settlement Name>   Destroys a settlement
None murder <Character ID>(Murderer) <Character ID>(Victim) One character attempts to murder another
None pollinate <Character ID>(Mother) <Character ID>(Father) Impregnates a character by another character
None cuckoo <Character ID>(Mother) <Character ID>(Father) Impregnates a character by another character, father unknown
None revolt <Province ID>   Starts a Revolt in a province
None succ <Succession Type>   Changes the succession type (WARNING: Dangerous). Valid values: feudal_elective, primogeniture, gavelkind, seniority, tanistry, turkish_succession, merchant_republic_government, tribal_government, nomadic_government, chinese_imperial_government, confucian_bureaucracy
None add_lover <Character ID> <Character ID> Makes a character the lover of another character
None add_friend <Character ID>   Makes the character your friend
None remove_friend <Character ID>   Removes the character as your friend
None add_rival <Character ID>   Makes a character your rival
None remove_rival <Character ID>   Removes the character as your rival
None flip_mapmodes     Cycles to the next map mode each day
None province_religion (prov_rel) <Province ID> <Religion> Sets a province's religion
Debug clear     Clears the console
Debug debug_ai <Character ID> recalc (OPTIONAL) Displays AI strategy for a character (empty ID to turn off)
Debug debug_aistrength     Prints some AI Strength data
Debug debug_assert     Toggles asserts on/off
Debug debug_bloom     Toggles Bloom on/off
Debug debug_borders     Toggles Borders on/off
Debug debug_crash     Force game to crash
Debug debug_citysprawl     Toggles Citysprawl on/off
Debug debug_dumpevents     Dump Event data to game log
Debug debug_events     Start Counting events
Debug debug_hires     Toggles Terrain Hires mode on/off
Debug debug_info     Toggles Debug info
Debug debug_lines     Toggles Debuglines
Debug debug_lockcamera     Toggles Camera locked on/off
Debug debug_name     Generates names for provinces
Debug debug_nogui     Toggles GUI on/off
Debug debug_nomen     Toggles Nomen
Debug debug_nomouse     Toggles mouse scrollwheel on/off
Debug debug_postfx     Toggles PostFX on/off
Debug debug_rivers     Toggles Rivers on/off
Debug debug_sky     Toggles Sky on/off
Debug debug_smooth     Toggle framesmoothing
Debug debug_terrain     Toggles Terrain on/off
Debug debug_textures     Writes Texture info to application debug log
Debug debug_ti     Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
Debug debug_tooltip     Toggles Tooltips on/off
Debug debug_trees     Toggles Trees on/off
Debug debug_triggerassert     Force game to throw an assert
Debug debug_volume <Volume Delta>   Modifies music volume
Debug debug_water     Toggles Water on/off
Debug debug_wireframe     Toggles forced wireframe on/off
Debug debug_yesmen     Toggles Yesmen
Debug debug_zoom     Zooms in the game
Debug eventinfo     Prints the number of running events (adds debug info to character status info)
Debug guibounds (gui)     Toggles GUI bounds debug
Debug fullscreen     Toggles fullscreen
Debug hello <Character ID or Title Name>   Opens the character screen or title screen
Debug help <Command Name>   Print out all console commands or a specific command description
Debug helplog log file   Print out all console commands to game.log
Debug noai     Toggles AI
Debug numcoas     Prints the number of used coat of arms
Debug observe     Switches to observer mode, by playing no character at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game. Ctrl+clicking a character takes partial control, pausing only on succession and call-to-arms.
Debug print_player_events     Print all player events to player_events.csv in game folder
Debug print_ai_events     Print all ai events to ai_events.csv in game folder
Debug refresh_portraits     Sets all character portraits to be refreshed asap
Debug reload file name   Reloads the gui or lua file
Debug reloadevents     Reloads the event database
Debug reloadfx map/mapname/postfx or * <fx filename> Reloads the shader
Debug reloadgovernmentflavor     Reloads the government flavor
Debug reloadinterface     Reloads the entire interface
Debug reloadloc     Reloads the localisation
Debug reloadpositions     Reloads the council position database
Debug reloadtexture texture file name   Reloads the specified texture
Debug spawnactor <Actorname> <Animation> (OPTIONAL <Title Name> OPTIONAL Spawns an actor with an optional animation and tabard title
Debug version     Print out current version of the game
Debug window <open/close> <gui name> Opens or closes the specified window
Debug wipe_achievements     Wipe out all CK2 Steam achievements. WARNING: CANNOT BE UNDONE!


Cheat Engine Gold

GOLD*(2^15) and (GOLD+1)*(2^15)

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