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 Zero Meaning
 =[ZM]= WelcomeBot
 =[ZM]= Bakez
 The Hangout
 =[ZM]= Zilla
 =[ZM]= musicbot 5000.11
 Casual Chillin 1
 =[ZM]= James Franco
 =[ZM]= Seajay
 =[ZM]= Big Lovin
 Casual Chillin 2
 Gaming 1
 =[ZM]= zmbot

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 The Haven
 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

----- [Private Channels] -----

  RiddleBoX's Booty Booty House!?!?
 Nigger Expert
  Abyss of Zilla
  Eggy's Hangout
 =[ZM]= Eggtop
  =[ZM]= EZE
 BOT Alice
  Jenkins, Hollywood, Rampage & Bart
  =[ZM]= OragamiSwami
  =[ZM]= OragamiSwami (Alien)
  =[ZM]= SwamiBot
  Savage's Traphouse
  Hans' Hookah Lounge
  =[ZM]= Hans Gruber
  =[ZM]= KitDeKat Bot V.2
 The G Spot
  The Embassy

----- [Community Channels] ----

 [h.gg] BigZandro
  Horny.GG's Sex Dungeon
  CS channel for weaver
 Oral Sex Chamber
  non-crystalline amorphous solid Cube
  =[ZM]= Theirishway
 My Crispy Channel
 kys all
  limp shrimps
  Hope Squad - Main
   Hope Squad - AFK
  2 boys 1 cup

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